Lawmakers have a responsibility to protect and preserve our environment, air, water, and land for ourselves and for the generations to come.

This means putting conservation before exploitation of our natural resources, and robustly funding organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who oversee essential regulatory practices.

The United States must be a global leader in environmental preservation. Ensuring a better future means making sure we have a planet to pass on to future generations. This starts with our country rejoining the Paris Environmental Agreement, seeking out 100% renewable clean energy sources, and addressing environmental injustice in predominantly low-income, minority communities. With governmental commitment, the rapidly growing green energy industry has the ability to stimulate our economy, create jobs, and help our environment.

One of the very first bills Madeleine voted in favor of in Congress was H.R. 9, which would require the President to re-enter the United States into the Paris Climate Accords and formulate a strategy to implement and achieve the climate targets. But Madeleine knows this is just a first step and we must move quickly to carbon neutral emissions. She has helped pass initiatives that invest in clean water initiatives, reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation fund, and protect public lands. Madeleine has also led the effort to protect communities and drinking water from PFAS chemical contamination— a contaminant her constituents unfortunately know all too well. She is a founding member of the bipartisan Congressional PFAS Task Force and has also introduced H.R. 2600, the Toxic PFAS Control Act, which bans the manufacturing and processing of PFAS chemicals and requires the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate their disposal.

If elected, in her next term, she looks forward to working with the recommendations of the House Select Committee on Climate to introduce and pass legislation that transforms our country into a climate-forward and clean energy powerhouse, while continuing to support and protect workers, families, and communities.