As the most advanced nation in the world, Madeleine believes every person has a right to affordable, accessible, quality healthcare.

Madeleine believes healthcare is a right. Every person deserves to be able to have access to affordable, quality, and comprehensive healthcare. The Affordable Care Act started this process. Madeleine wants to continue working in Congress to support universal healthcare that is economically balanced to fulfill the promise that our government made in 2010. She has supported legislation in the House that eliminates barriers to healthcare, protects patients with pre-existing conditions, and lowers the cost of prescription drugs. Madeleine has also advocated for women’s health issues, such as maternal healthcare and raising awareness of campus sexual assault, and continuously supports a woman’s right to choose. 

Madeleine will not abandon Montgomery and Berks Counties’ seniors. She will continue to make sure that those who have dutifully paid into our security net have access to Social Security and Medicare in their retirement. She will work to protect and expand Social Security and Medicare and defend against attacks to these programs in the name of more tax cuts for the wealthy.