The countless diverse communities that make up our nation–racial minorities, LGBTQ, immigrants, veterans, the disabled, and so many more–brings richness and completeness to our nation

To protect the beautiful diversity that is integral to the American identity, Madeleine supports programs that help all communities thrive and reform institutional systems that oppress minorities. Madeleine supports broadening anti-discrimination laws, expanding and enforcing ADA requirements, and grant and tax programs that support minority, disabled, and veteran owned businesses.

Madeleine was selected as a member of the inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee in the House Financial Services Committee. In that role, she has worked with colleagues to shine a light on practices that lead to limited hiring and promotions among diverse populations and continued under-banking in minority communities and supported expanding resources available to minority-owned businesses. 

We must also address issues that disproportionately impact Black and Brown populations, like reforming our criminal justice system, addressing inequities in healthcare, and ensuring that everyone can safely access their right to vote.