Madeleine knows strong economies and healthy communities are built on solid infrastructure.

Our bridges, roads, and transportation systems–airports, rail, and ports–need to be modernized to keep our travelers safe, our economy working on time, and attract businesses looking to invest in Montgomery and Berks Counties and Pennsylvania. This is especially true for businesses in growing industries like technology and green energy.

The people that build this better future are integral to its success. It’s critical we ensure our workers are fairly compensated with a livable, $15 minimum wage, and well trained, supporting organized labor whenever possible. This includes guaranteeing unions the right to organize and represent their members without having to face restrictions or attacks from misguided legislation. 

In Congress, Madeleine has fought for workers’ rights by supporting legislation that raises the federal minimum wage for unprotected groups of employees, ensures protection against paycheck discrimination on the basis of sex, and provides relief for workers affected by the Coronavirus. She has worked to increase funding for job training and programs that support American workers first. She is a cosponsor and has voted in favor of the Raise the Wage Act, which seeks to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per house; H.R. 2 the Moving Forward Act, which invests in the next generation of American infrastructure projects; and the PRO Act, which ensures that American workers’ right to collective bargaining is protected.