We need to support Americans through the Pandemic and help families and businesses recover afterwards.

Since March of 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic has severely affected nearly every aspect of American life and the United States’ economy. 

In Congress, Madeleine helped pass COVID-19 relief and economic stimulus bills including the Families First Act, CARES Act, and the HEROES Act, which appropriated trillions towards relief for state and local government, PPE for healthcare systems and workers, funding for testing, payroll protections for workers and businesses, expanded unemployment, direct payments for Americans, and more. 

She also introduced legislation to provide recurring direct payments for Americans (Payments for the People Act) as well as direct relief for small businesses (Restore America’s Main Street Act) to help struggling families and businesses. 

As the most advanced nation in the world, we must be prepared for pandemics of the future. That includes robustly funding early warning systems like PREDICT under USAID–which the Trump Administration crippled shortly before the COVID-19 outbreak. Programs like PREDICT that actually rely on science to predict, prevent, and combat pandemics will save lives.